The Nine Faces of Dave
2002-01-28 03:42:08 (UTC)

machines are your friends

Well, my weekend has been better than average. Friday night
I went to a meeting of the Writer's Group from my school.
The meeting was held at a local coffeehouse, and a grand
time was had by all. My social life is so damn weird.

Saturday, my dad and I worked on financial aid jive for
college, but fortunately that wasn't too much of a pain in
the ass. I went to see "Orange County" later that night
with a couple of friends. Pretty funny movie.

And today, I headed downtown with a friend of mine to shoot
some pictures. He had an assignment for photography, and
me, I just had some film available.

I have to bring my choir uniform for the picture tomorrow,
and I also need to see about getting the QuizBowl picture
reshot on the grounds that about 15% of the team was
missing. They won't do it, but it's worth a shot.

Don't know yet what's going to happen with the musical,
though it looks as though I'll be getting a part. Not sure
if that's good or bad, though: could take up too much of my
time. Yeah, I've got a lot of sit-on-my-ass time, but in
some ways, it's good that way. I'm just not sure I want to
make the time commitment.

I've been feeling powerless lately, and so I finally
purchased the parts I need for my computer upgrade. That's
right, this machine's going to be fast once again, and I'll
be able to play Deus Ex and American McGee's Alice and all
sorts of other really cool games, because my system's going
to be top-of-the-line big deal kind of thing. Rock on!

So yeah, instead of resolving my confusion with my life and
my identity, I'm buying computer stuff. Pathetic, no?