a little piece of me
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2002-01-28 03:37:49 (UTC)


i've been having this feeling today. it just started a
couple hours ago, but i can't shake it. i feel like
something really bad is going to happen. i don't have any
idea what brought it on, or what it could be. i don't know
when this something is supposed to happen, but i don't like
this feeling at all. i can feel the anxiety slowly
building up in my chest. i hope this is nothing...

*sigh* i'm too weird even for myself sometimes. anyway,
i've been working all damn day on my metals assignment
that's due tomorrow. and i'm still not done. i think i'll
finish the rest tomorrow. i just can't handle any more
right now!! i had to find at least 5 patterns (from
anything...got quite a few of those), at least 10
containers (jewelry boxes, vases, etc), and then using the
things we found, create five original designs for pierced
containers. i have 9 containers, and 4 designs done. the
designs have to be to scale and everything. that was a lot
of work for just a few days! ack! plus, i still haven't
read my bible stuff for class tomorrow night. oh well. i
have 4 hours before the class starts. i'll read it then.
anyway, i just needed to chill a little. too much drawing
and looking and cutting and gluing! my poor little brain
can't take any more! well, i cheated. i did take a
break. sorta. watched x-files. fun stuff. i worked on
my designs during commercials and here and there during the

ok, well, i think that's enough for today. hell, that's my
second one today! i guess i could get more done if i
didn't waste so much time on here. mwahahaha. oh well.