a poetic Heartº
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2002-01-28 03:24:11 (UTC)

In that Letter (Part 1)

Ive been feeling different
Like I wanted to give up on us
It's like everytime I called
All you ever did was fuss

One day I started writing
I didn't know where it would lead
I said we were ending
And this heartache I didn't need

I had some thoughts
that almost changed my mind
Wondered how I'd feel
If only youd stay mine

Then there was that moment
When my decision had to be made
I didn't listen to what my heart was saying
It was my mind I obeyed

For I placed the letter in your hand
And calmly walked away
I never knew I could feel such pain
As I did after that day

My heart stopped beating
In those words that I wrote
When I tried to say I was wrong
It hung in my throat

I thought I could just have you back
I thought you wanted me
Never knew how It would feel
To let you go free

When you unfolded that letter
Did you sense my heart
It was folded up inside