This is the beloved air I breathe
2002-01-28 03:12:52 (UTC)

patience is a virtue

so much
I have so much to say
I wish I could say a million different things to a million
differnt people. Mostly i wish I could say a million
differnt things to one person in particular. I must wait.
I have patience, I have quiet strength, I have integrity.
it hurts though, it's hard. This life is hard, but as I go
on living it faithfully, I know that all of the things that
seem like a hassle to wait for now will be so much sweeter
now. I choose life. I choose the ultimate freedom. At
first glance it may seem like living the christian life is
full of rules and there are so many boundry lines that can
not be crossed, but that's not actually true. There is
ultimate freedom in choosing life. I am set free in my
heart, and my soul flys. My heart beats wildly at the
thought of all the new and exciting things that I am
experiencing in this life.
They say it's never going to happen the way you imagine it
to be. I guess that's true, and I need to remember that,
but at the same time, I thought I was the exception to the
I feel love for a person, but I don't have to express it
right now in a romantic sort of way. I will love him as a
brother. I will love Him with the love that Jesus has
given me for him, and as I do that, God will give me
perfect peace. God will give me patience and fulfillment.
I do not need to find love from a person beacuse I have
it. I have the love of Jesus christ and it's fulfilling
enough for every day that I need to live. I have life and
I have it abundantly!! because I don't NEED a guy, I can
have standards and stick to them. I'm worth it. I'm worth
finding a guy who respects me, adn who will treat me with
care, and who will be a man.
I love this life. Just the fact that I feel...even if they
seem to be agonizing feelings....are enough to remind me of
the excitement of this life.