My Life, My Problems
2002-01-28 01:46:53 (UTC)

Long Time since I talked ya

Hey Baby,
Hope you are having fun in your new place. Well to give you
some good news. I got taken off all my meds. Yayyyy!!!! I'm
still taking some for my ashtma but thats alright. I
finally decided to buy that home in Maine that I showed
you. I got a couple of rooms added to it so it is kinda
bigger now. Umm now some bad news Calandra just recently
had some surgery because she was diagnosed with a tumor
that was cancerous. It was about the size of a golf ball.
They got all of it and they kept her for a couple of days
just makes sure everything was okay. I went up there today
and the nurses said she was driving them crazy and well
thats my Calandra she want let nothing stop her from being
herself. No about your precious Kalyani. Her eating has
slowed down and she has lost a couple of pounds. She also
sleeps so much. I swear she goes to sleep right when I want
to go out but I seem to find out how to work around her
schedule. Oh Egypt says hi. She is going through alot right
now. She got back with Michael and was kicked out the house
so she was living with me for a week then moved in with
Mickey shortly after. I heard they got married but I don't
know. I hope she didn't because he is such a bad influence
for Egypt and James but if she feels it is right for them
to be toghter then let them be. I can't tell her how many
times that he just going to keep on hurting her and
probably get her knocked up again and leave her to get some
more girls pregnant. He has 9 kids now and just does not
get a clue to stop. Well I got to go. Love ya Lots. I'll
try to write you more often. Your gurlie J'nell

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