The Nightshade Princess
2002-01-28 01:33:10 (UTC)

She's rotten and so beautiful...

I have not written here once again in quite some
time. There is so much and yet so little I could say about
my life recently. I am currently wearing nothing but white
(with the exception of my black spiked bracelet... that is
quite an accomplishment to me. I'm not wearing "normal"
clothing, either. I'm wearing a white lace skirt, a white
billowy poet shirt and an off-white velvet shirt beneath
it. I am also wearing beautifully beaded white wedding
gloves. I saw those at the thrift store and could not pass
them up. Mother and I went out today, whilst my brother
stayed at my boyfriend's house and listened to what's left
of his band practice... I wanted to stay, but I was
restless, and decided that I shall hear them next time they
practice. I felt bad leaving them there, but I didn't
think it would be a good idea to stay today in particular.
I hadn't seen my mother for more than 2 hours combined all
weekend, and I thought that should change.
My prince visited my mother's home again last night,
but his mother (again) came an hour early. We played pool,
and I distracted him with my form-fitting outfit, perching
often on the pool table and making his hands shake so he
missed the ball. I kicked his ass in a game, after he
taught me how properly to use my stick ::evil smile:: I
love him more than I think I could possibly state here.
His beautiful face is always on my mind, and his touch, his
kiss, is heaven, never lasting long enough. Time itself
slows down for us when our arms are around each other.
I had a talk with Al today... not much interesting
there... we shared poetry and visions again. He seems to
understand quite well what I see when I close my eyes and
my Illness sets in. Thus far, there have been no days of
Silence, and no visions... not since I got back from winter
break. This has to be some sort of record. I felt
something creeping up on me earlier today, and yesterday
when I attempted to regain the oblivion of sleep, I fell
into such a sadness that I nearly wept again. Perhaps I
shall try and write some poetry, to let the Illness take
over for a few moments in order to let the poison out
before something horrible happens again. I despise this,
but I believe it necessary. LesTaT, once again, I love
you. If I do this thing, know that I shall be alright.
There are people in the house, and I shall not be alone.
If the visions come, I shall simply go to bed. Goodnight...
::holds her breath and falls into the abyss::