The Chronicles of My Life
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2002-01-28 01:00:01 (UTC)

This weekend was AWESOME! Last..

This weekend was AWESOME! Last night my whole team went to
the Wild game. It was sweet. In the second period, we got
the seats right behind the New Jersey penalty box. It was
so sweet! You could actually see the people and what they
looked like. Ken Daneyko got a high sticking penalty while
we were there and he sat there whining the whole time
whille all the fans around us picked on him. It was
funny. Then came the most remarkable part of the whole
weekend, if not the whole year. or the decade. Century.
Millenia. Whatever. Valerie Kamensky, yes, VALERIE
KAMENSKY (!) got a penalty. He was siting not a foot and
a half in front of me! VALERIE KAMENSKY! One of the
greatest players on the planets. It was sweet! That made
my day. Then this morning we found out that the Devils
were staying at the same hotel as our team, so we walked
around hoping to see some of them. i saw Scotty Gomez and
Jason Arnott walking out. It was great. I have to go ea.
Until Later

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