a watercolour stain
2002-01-28 00:55:32 (UTC)


well, it's been 10 whole days since i've written. i have
just been sick and worn down. isaac went away for work and
i stayed here. he didn't feel like taking me home and
nobody wanted to come get me because it was snowing there.
still talking to anne bunches. i got a letter from her on
friday. she sent me 2 pictures. she's such a cutie. and
i *still* haven't heard back from john *or* peter. fuck, i
just broke a nail. finally got to see american pie 2 last
night. i laughed like twice through the whole thing. i'm
not sure if it really wasn't funny, or it was just the
crappy mood i was in. friday isaac got home around 5. we
hung out for a while and then went grocery shopping. ron
called here for him around midnight. they were talking and
i told him if he wanted, to invite ron over. ron couldn't
come for some reason, but invited isaac over there
instead. he declined, saying that he should spend some
time with me. i told him just to go, knowing that if i
didn't it would be held over my head later. he left around
12:30 and promised he wouldn't be out too late. so i
stayed up and waited, and waited. he didn't get home till
5:15 am. he said he just lost track of time. so he went
straight to bed. i made an attempt to go to sleep, but i
just layed there for an hour, wide awake. i finally fell
asleep just around 12:30 and slept till about 3pm. he
slept until almost 6. you know, i was going somewhere with
this, but now it's gone. there was a point to it, i
swear. but for the life of me, i have no idea what it
was. oh, and i found a black sparkly glove in his car. i
asked where it came from. he says he came out of the hotel
where he was staying (while he was away for work) and the
glove was just sitting on the hood of his car. i just
thought that it was kinda strange. because i know how
things can be on these work trips. he also told me that
every night they had a party in his hotel room. lots of
drinking and staying up till all hours of the morning. he
denies there were any girls there though. alright, i'm
going now. i *will* write tomorrow. :)

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