Nya The Rogue

The Journal of Now
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2002-01-28 00:21:31 (UTC)

The First

Today, the day of First.The very day where I turn to the
first page of my journal.Whenever I start a journal I
usually forget about it.If only I had something more
interesting to write about..
Lately I have been excited because we're soon to get a
dog.It will be a female labrador retriever from a
breeder.We were informed that it will be born this
weekend.Im still waiting for the email.My mom and I already
got some toys for it.We may name it Sidney or maybe
Willow.Think we're planning a little early?Are we putting
the beast of excitement to rest?Or are we feeding it?I have
been working on a new story.I dont know what to call it yet
though.Its about a young elven warrioress who is venturing
to save her homeland, Tehn.I havent written much yet
though.I keep getting writers block.Uck!Its Sunday!That
means school is tomorrow.Oh dear, I think I may be coming
down with a cold*wink wink nudge nudge*!An email from a so
called breeder about the birth of a litter of puppies*cough
cough* would sure brighten my day.The bummer is that if
this litter only has three females, we wont get one and
we'll have to wait another week for the next litter.I
shouldnt get excited since we have to wait seven weeks to
pick them up after their born.Im going to check my
mail..heh heh..

Oh *sigh*...nothing...Oh well!Cheer up!Theres still
another day!Oh no, that other day is of school!The horror!!
And theres an English test!!Oh well, English isnt too
hard.I...may...pass...I did study the
packet...er..once..I'll try to remember to write tomorrow
to say how I did...

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