Deep Down
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2002-01-28 00:13:30 (UTC)

No More Walls........

I sit in my mind and try to think
of everything and anything.
Of what you've said to me and done
why you're here and where your from.
You're my fallen-done angel from the sky
and for you everything, I try.
But yet I sit and stare at these same four walls.........
same four walls........

I try to sing, I try to read
it doesn't help, I cannot breathe.
I can't seem to keep my hands steady
w/out you my heart seems heavy.
I just want you here, with me, now
but how to get you here, I don't know how.
I need to look at you, instead of these same four walls.....
same four walls.......

I dedicate to you my life
so glad you said you'd be my wife.
For once I feel complete
No more hate, pain, or mistreat.
I'd give up my whole world for you
I love you baby, you know it's true.
Be with me now, so we can know down those walls.......
same four walls......

Love Always,

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