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2001-04-21 05:59:32 (UTC)

poetry reading

^_^ happy right now. well, more like very content. that's
happy isn't it? lol.

yesterday... yesterday i got up and ran, after breakfast.
i've been running all week in the mornings cuz i have this
week off. it's been great. i might actually be able to keep
up with the people in phys ed when we start swimming
again... lol, o well, i try. came home and took a shower,
and finished the required reading book for history
class. "child of the dark" is what it's called. it was
alright, a bit depressing. a diary of Carolina de Jesus
about the slums (favalas) of brazil; how she lived in a
garbage dump, trying to feed her three children...

was glad to be done with the book.

then, what did i do? i don't know. i waited for ian to come
over round twelve, his school got out early for an open
house. lol, he took me to his house for lunch, and then his
step mum drove us back here so he could go with me to this
school/park/place near my house. you can see the whole bay
from up on this hill, it's a great view, and i love the
wide open area... we basically spent the time just looking
at poems and holding each other. goodness... i can still
feel his lips on mine. i never dreamed anyone would or
could care for me so much. he's so so so sweet to me, like
no one else has been. yes, it is nice to love.

i love him. a lot.

afterwards we came back to my house and he tried to help me
with my algebra trig... O_o i'm no good at math. scary. he
had to leave before i understood it. i said goodbye, and
tried, unsuccessfully, to finish the math. i was falling
asleep, so i went and took a nap. later on that night i
talked with him on the net and then on the phone. we talked
about today...

today, i woke up and it was raining. hard. so i didn't run,
although i should have. two hours later i decided to
actually get myself out of bed... i took a shower and then
ate a huge breakfast/lunch. then i did various things,
reading, folding clothes, working some on my english essay,
journaling a lot (yeah, i've got a real physical journal
too, crazy aren't i?) ::shrug:: stuff. the book i finished
was a book of poems for english class (yes, a whole book
and an essay as english hmwk over the break... what
happened to rest and relaxation when you've got stuff like
that hanging over your head making you feel guilty???)and
it was a really really really good book. called "out of the
dust" by karen hesse. i've read another book by her too.
granted, she's a children's writer, but i still really
enjoy her work. "out of the dust" took place during the
depression in the dust bowl of oklahoma, and was basically
the diary of a girl in poems... the girl went through a LOT
of changes, and it was great to see that as her poetry

round about three i finished the book and then didn't know
what to do for the next twenty minutes or so until ian
picked me up to go to a poetry workshop and reading... i
basically floated around my room, listening to the rain,
writing a poem... i was confused. i didn't know what was
going on with him and me... notice the past tense, lol.

anywho, he picked me up round three thirty, in the pouring
pouring rain. he's so sweet. ::sigh:: but i was in a mood,
again. _