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2002-01-27 23:53:00 (UTC)

eating a lot of chocolate. i..

eating a lot of chocolate.
i just got off of work. i worked with my favorite person
today so that was happiness. shes so amazing. today is my
six month anniversary with emily. half a year. wow.
i just cleaning my turtles little home. hes happy now, and
thats good.
i miss shawn, i didnt see him yesturday and emily was
sleeping when he called last night so i didnt talk to him
much at all.
i smell like incense.
i did a lot of WORK today at work.
from the time i got there to the time i got off i was
running around doing shit.
i had this great energy drink and it made me all awake so i
didnt mind at all.
im going to see emily today and i dont know what time i
should leave. i have a book i want to read though, so im
not going to mind sitting there until shes done tonight.
i have a lot of writing to do as well.
ive been slacking.
ive been busy.
i miss shannon i never talk to her anymore and i miss it.
sandy said she sent me something so im happy.
i hope it hurries though.
i need to take a shower.i dont feel like moving. ive been
moving all fucking day.
im so sick of people drinking.
so sick. sooo sick. beyond fucking sick.
christina came into work today, i wasnt excited to see her.
she yelled at me for not calling her back.
i didnt have anything to say to her.
i think im pretty much done with that.
we have fun, but its not the kind of fun i want to have
everyday. or anymore. at all actually. i dont know.
im just not the type of person she seems to see me as.
not anymore.
breaking ties with people is a difficult proceedure.
and its not that i dont want to be her friend. i love the
we just shouldnt see each other. ever.
when i see her i transform somewhat into how i used to be.
and i dont like it.
its so confusing.
i just dont want to be around her anymore and it sucks to
say that but its how i feel.
im sleepy.
it felt so good to sleep next to her last night.
so good.
i didnt want to leave the bed this morning.
i could have stayed with her there all day.
sleeping, and watching her sleep.

sandra is being really fucking weird.
and i dont know whats wrong with her

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