Reality Bites
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2002-01-27 23:14:10 (UTC)

Christmas lights suck

My sister got me out of bed this morning at like 9 and was
like, "Get up get up! oh my god!!" So of course I peal
myself out of bed and I walk out to the kitchen half
asleep. She's like, "oh good! you're up! now you can help
me take down the christmas lights" I of course put up a big
stink and my mom ended up forcing me too, so off I went
into the freezing cold 30* weather of the
sweats. So of course, when I'm looking my un-
showered,asleep,pissed off, freezing cold, charming, self,
my hot neighbors decide to have their basketball team over
for a morning run...Just perfect. So I have to muster up
the little bit of self-respect I have left to turn around
and answer their "Heyy's!" and "what's up's" oh jeez, not
my proudest moment. Then I went back to sleep til 11 and
then bummed around til like 3 and figured that I better get
some plans for tonite since last nite was a total waste of
an evening (dinner w/ the family). So I called Kate at work
and talked to her hot hot hot co-worker lol, and then told
her to come down after work and sleep over and we'd go out.
So she'll be down probably in an hour or so. I think she
has to drop Jes off at Jimmy's so he'll probably come over
for awhile with her and then we'll all go over to Jimmy's
(Yes Jimmy does have hot senior brothers who I'm friends
with!) lol anyways, I better go get some clothes on b4 Jes
barges in and sees me in a towel...oh god that would fit in
with today's "America's Funniest Home Video's" theme I've
aparantly stumpled upon....XOXO~LATOR GATOR~ME