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2002-01-27 23:01:52 (UTC)


crescent luminescence 1/27/2002
married in my task
sown in strings to
the moon, my sweet
lunas love
only out half a day
and subtle, so
never fading, only behind
that sphere of
influence that is
not the most important
you are the most important
lightin my nights,
when once was dark,
sweet love,
ive found you and sewn up
in your crescent
so your cycle doesnt
leave me behind
holding tight, to
everything that matters more
sewn up in your crescent
{moon} so much energy
barely contained within
my strengthing frame
sewn up in you, cant tell
where they begin,
so many threads,
so much, so much
hard to describe,
not that i need to,
strung up in,with you
is find, my Love, my Friend
my {but not mine}

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