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2002-01-27 22:54:28 (UTC)


in crumblin 1/26/2002
im crumblin now
for stronger structure
inward goes
for veins wont rupture
supported still, but thoughts
of naught but -¤- and waiting for
fallin apart
among blue ruins
searchin through the rubble
for the one thing - encased
in a bubble, may seem fragile,
but immortal be,
can hurt, but will heal
is perfect, is real
so i search cause
in crumblin is necessary
but i wont forget
diggin through, hands bleedin
closed eyes, hearts leadin
got it back, though was in me
rapid beat, not decreasin
but tinge of fear is receeding
that {fragile} thing is in my
hands, safest place for it to
be, cause i dont give up
and i dont forget
something is always remaining
as reminding, and im glad.
cause theres never going to be
the empty through which that filter
becomes pain,
because this bubble encased thought,
so thing, so everything is always with
me, between my eyes and six others about
the spine, prana, energy
You, and im always fine.
never to crumble, save for stronger
structure, to last longer,
love stronger, and gaze deeper.