my so called life
2002-01-27 22:51:37 (UTC)

Everything mellows in sunlight

Didn't do much all day.. Chemistry was a blast, our teacher
told us the funniest story about our physics teacher.. Our
chemistry teacher can be VERY scary (OK, I'm afraid of most
of my teachers, I'm weird like that), but he can be really
cool also. Oh, we got our report card Friday. I did so well
=) 7 5s and 2 4s. The 4 in physics is in fact a huge
achievement! The 4 in gym isn't that great. The stupid
thing is that I got a 4 because we had to write this paper.
We picked one branch of athletics, practised it and wrote
about it. The other teachers were kind of cool and gave a
lot of good grades, but our teacher gave only ONE 5 and no
sixers. I only got a 4 since I 'didn't have graphs that
showed my progress'. I was like WTF, are you crazy?
Oh well, a 4 or two or ten won't kill me.
There was this soccer tournament at our school, so I stayed
there most of the day. That ment no hanging out with Carl,
and that was a bit lame. I love hanging out with him, he
makes me feel good about myself.
Later we got our report card and then I had maths and
chemistry. Most of my friends were going to this concert-
thing where people our age play. Lucy asked me if I was
going, but I didin't feel like it. Geri said that since
Steve was coming home that night, the two of them and Ben
would probably watch a movie. I was like Okay.. I'm SO sick
of Steve (and Geri together).
During chemistry I talked to Ben and he said that he was
going to soccerpractise, so he didn't know if he'd come.
Maybe Steve would pick him up afterwards or something. Now
I certainly didn't want to go.

After school Geri and I went to town and did some
shopping.I bought some jeans and a sweater.. I had to
celebrate my good grades! ;)
Geri went home and I hung out with Tiff at her work. She
said that she'd might come to Steve's later. I went home
and I got a message from Geri saying that Steve's plane got
cancelled so he wouldn't be home that night. I stayed at
home, watched a twisted movie called Crash and went to bed
I slept for a while and went to get a tan. Went to see
Paul at his work and then Tiff at her work. Geri came and
later Evan (Tiff's boyfriend) too. Geri went to find Steve
who just got home and I went to the bus. The stupid thing
left 5 minutes earlier that I thought it would, so I missed
it. I went back to Tiff's work where Geri and Steve were. I
was like FUCK that supid whore of a bus left so I have to
walk home. Tiff just laughed, but Geri and Steve were like
you just walk in swearing, hello to you too. 'I've seen
everyone but you before', I told Steve. 'And I'm allowed to
be upset sometimes too.' He was like okay.. 'I've gotta go.
Bye.' I said and left.
Maybe I was a bit mean, but Steve is so fucking annoying,
both him and Geri can go to HE**.

So I went home and took a shower and went to Tiff's. We
went over to this other girl who was having a party. There
were a lot of people we didn't know, most of them older
than us. It wasn't very cool, the only good thing was that
they played a lot of Robbie Williams =)
Later we went to the club. Tiff met Evan, who was all
pissed because this thug-wannabe guy had been bugging them
at the bus and hit some guy. I was like calm down, everyone
knows this guy is a loser, but don't let him ruin our
evening. I hadn't been out in a while and I'd been looking
forward to this night. But Evan and Paul were so pissed
that they just went home. Tiff got scared of her own
boyfriend because he's so quick-tempered and he's got so
much anger inside of him. So she was almost crying and Lucy
and I had to comfort her. After a while she was better and
everyone started dancing. The music was so CRAPPY. After a
while Lucy was gone, she went home without telling anyone.
The evening pretty much sucked, I hardly knew anyone and
suddenly Tiff didn't care about me at all, she was too
busy forgetting all about Evan. Ally came, and
Tiff Ally=bitches most of the time (at least when we're
out). They think they're all that and then some, and they
are selfish and conceited. Tiff and I had agreed on going
to this other club later and suddently I saw that she and
Ally was leaving. I was like where are you going? They were
going to this other club and I asked 'so, uh.. can I come
or what?' 'Yeah,' Tiff said. Then they just left. I got my
things and followed. I said 'Tiff, I've got to get some
cash if we're going in..'. I said it about three times and
she didn' listen. I just went to the cash dispenser on my
own. When I came back, they were talking to Ally's cusin
who is only 17. 'Finally. There you are,' Tiff said. 'Cath,
can she borrow your id?' Ally asked. 'No,' I said. 'I'm
going home.' 'why?' Tiff asked. I just said bye and left.
Tiff didn't try to stop me. I'm so sick of them. Tiff knew
that I'd been looking forward to going out when Ben wasn't,
cause I can have more fun then. She also knew that I didn't
know that many people there and I was really nice to her
when she was upset. Still she didn't care shit about me
later. At first she ruined my evening, which was kind of
ok, since she was truly upset, then she didn't give a damn
about me, and that was NOT okay. I was SO angry as I walked

Today I haven't done much, went to work and watched tv. I'm
off to bed now.


Spent my life dancing with shadows in strobe lights
It's alright, everything mellows in sunlight