A Girl's life
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2001-04-21 04:50:33 (UTC)


Alrighty, my dear Patrick, who I love very much and who
knows ALL my secrets, my whole life,and who loves me(for
the right reasons). I met Patrick on July 26, 2000 at 12:20
pm in Times Square for a ROLLING STONE cover shoot with
Carson Daly. It was pouring that day and I was on my way to
work,and I needed to know what time it was,so I asked We then talked there in the rain for 20 minutes,
and we went out the next day,and he kissed me on July 27th.
We went out everyday after that for the whole week. He
asked me to be his g/f. He was my first boyfriend and the
3rd guy I've ever kissed. The only thing about him is that
he lives in LA. And we haven't seen each other in 8 months
until the last week in March. He flew all the way here to
NY to see me. He's 20, he's a taurus(PERFECT MATCH WITH
CANCER),he goes to UCLA and is wanting to become a writer.
His mom is a writer. Patrick is very sweet,I love him very
much,and he takes care of me. And loves ME. He knows my
DEEPEST DARKESS SECRET. NO ONE knows that secret,and he
still loves me.I wish I could put in words how I feel about
him. Now, some think that oh he's gonna play u joanny.
First off, the fact that we live 3000 miles apart makes it
IMPOSSIBLE for us to be together,so we are NOT b/f and g/f.
He has gone out with other girls,and I have kissed other
guys,and went out with one for a month. I mean,if Patrick
and I were together, I wouldn't be wanting to make out with
Mike. Patrick is sokind,he wants to meet my mom.He
talks to my sisters. His mom knows all about me. I hope I
never do anything to hurt him. I trust him so much. Right
now,we've known each other for almost 9 months, and he's
coming back in the summer to be with me. In the summer
time,I'll be growing up a lot. I know it.I'll be 17 in
June. And so many things will happen this summer, I might
change a lot. Well patrick is in Cali right now,and I'm
here.And I don't want to talk too much about him,only
when "things" happen .And he's been my first everything. My
first b/f,first, first person I told
my"secret"to.first something else,and will be my other
first something else. That "something" is too explicit,so i
wont get detailed. lol.