Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
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2002-01-27 21:24:07 (UTC)

Here you go jo jo you shithead

Well well well, another entry. Well, im in a weird random
mood, i like these moods...Jordan here is
something "interesting" to read. My partner in crime,
warming aholes, stealing cars, skippin school, the evil
look, sharing play toys(not sexual), denny's forever,
shooting off guns, eating weird things, reading the ENTIRE
cereal box, SKATE OR DIE BITCH, wearing each others
underwear, piercing things, i love you girl. D-this road
trip is not a joke, IM TAKING IT thinkin
now of stealing a horse(jo-jo)and riding it to MI, it would
be interesting, maybe ill even end up on the news, that
would be cool. I guess the only things to do out here in
moonshine country are to go cow tipping and pick shrooms,
had nothing better to do ma!Instead of shopping carts wild
animals, oh what fun it is to ride a cow through a big big
field(TUNE OF JINGLE BELLS)last night i got the bright idea
of crushing up a candy bracelet and putting into a clear
one, am i a genious???hmmmm....well i guess thats it kids,
gonna go home soon, get toasted to the point im
asking "have you seen my dollar"(jake)im excited, well all
im out.

Mood-sarcastic, happy, artistic
Song of the moment-that la la la song

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