A Girl's life
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2001-04-21 04:37:41 (UTC)

That Mike thing

I really don't know WTF my deal is. Ok, lately, I've been
very open about my feelings. And I keep getting all these
i/m's. And A LOT of them are asking me about Mike and all
this shit. First off,I actually got up the nerve to tell
basically EVERYONE and there mother that I have a crush on
him.Then I go on the message boards and tell
everyone how much I want him. WTF was I thinking?!?!
That was a huge mistake I made on my part. People started
responding to the message telling MIke that he should kiss
me. I mean, that is ALL i want, a kiss. Not ANYTHING else,
but I want a long kiss, not some quick thing(pouts). So I
kept pursuing it,and I kept asking ike about it. I'm sure
he got sick of me, I mean I'd get sick of me too. I'm a
little 16 year old all up on this college guy that is
hotand wanted by tons of girls. I'm sure he can have any
girl he wants, so why the hell would he waste a kiss on a
ugly duckling like me? I don't know how or why I let myslef
be so open about this. Now, things have just gotten weird.
I feel really akward when I talk to him, so I' trying not
to talk to him. Like I took him off my buddy list. And I
have no clue when he's on.
I'm trying to just GROW up being the key here. I know I
might sound as if I'm making a big deal out of this, but I
feel like 2 inches tall when I talk to Mike. He just laughs
all the time,especially when I mention that "kiss" I want.
I totally understand him,because what can you say when
people say that to you? Especialy when you aren't even
finding the other person attractive in the slightest. Well,
I think Mike probaly thinks I'm ugly,young,and annoying.
That's what's going through my head. But I"m trying not
tothink about it too much. I don't think about this issue
24/7. It's just that soooooo many people ask me about it,I
just had to write it down and get it out of the way. But I
AM TRYING to forget this. Hopefully,if people stop
remimding me of Mike,I can forget about But people
always manage to bring him up...god.

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