What's up now?
2002-01-27 20:13:24 (UTC)


Obviously, this weekend was one of the best I have had in a
while!!! I did a lot of just chillin and hanging out with
fun people!! No partying, and it it was still fun!!! Yea
for me :) Last night I went Bowling with Jacob and his
brother and his GF and some of her friends, it was a lot of
fun!! We did some hanging out at Jacob's brothers which
also was really fun :) It was just fun...I did a lot of
sleeping and being unproductive, I guess it's good to have
some weekends like this huh? Today however, has already
started off bad...As always when I am back at school, brian
and I start off really good, but then it all turns to shit,
however, I dont really feel like letting it take over my
whole life anymore.(we're really not as bad as it seems,
I'm probably just blowing this out of proporton, but I just
wanted things to work out) I dont want the whole world to
know we suck, just by the way I act! So I'm not going to
let him ruin my day!!! It's all over Canada...See it was
going to be really good, I was going to get to see all of
my friends, and we were going to stay the night and have a
really good time...but now a lot of people(including brian)
maybe arent going to stay the night. It's cool I guess, I
just really wanted to be able to hang out with everyone for
a long time, since it's the only time we will be
together...I mean I guess it's not that big of a deal
right? So why am I upset? I dont really know...I'll just
let everyone do what they want, My friends from school are
staying so we'll have a good time!!!! Yea!!! I'm still
excited! And I really cant wait to see my family, I miss
them a lot! Anyways...Off to do some hardcore ass kicking,
(my own of course!), love ya!