The lost little girl
2002-01-27 19:59:44 (UTC)


Jeez this feels weird...i'm sick and i am getting it
together in my head that i don't have to worry about being
sick tomorrow cuz i don't have school....strange...
nothing too interesting today. Jeff and Mom are watching the
game...i'm sitting at the computer trapped in it's glow
b'cuz i hate the f*ing New England Patriots ( yucky ),...how
ever i can't say that the team i like is any better ( cough
cough) being from Buffalo i guess i'll always be a
fan.People see that i have this hardcore outside...i like
football,baseball,hockey...i was more into G.I. Joe than
Barbie...and one look at me and you would know i was
strange...but inside i'm this quiet little girl afraid of
the light inside me that shines. yeah yeah.i'm rambling
I had a strange dream last night ( after i got home from
flash-light tag { which ROCKED by the way})! there was this
guy in it..and this has happened before when i am seeing
someone but it doesn't catch on right away who they are. and
he is holding me and he is touching my face and he tells me
he loves me and well we kiss..And this kiss is one of those
kisses i have talked about. The ones when the world starts
to spin around you and everything else becomes blurry for
that one moment. and well...i open my eyes...and i realize
who it is...lets call him john ( for john doe) and i am
amazed he has even noticed me..and i wake up and it's just
this monster impact on my dream has slowly taken a toll on
my day.
is it wrong to be attracted to a friend's ex-boyfriend? let
me know!

Daily Quotes: "Truth, like art, is in the eye of the
beholder. You believe what you want, I'll believe what I
know." - Kevin Spacey