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2001-04-21 03:59:46 (UTC)

Well, one of my 7th grade..

Well, one of my 7th grade buddies Kendra is having problems
with her little friends and it made me think of when i was
in 6th grade there was a girl in my school, Casey, she
seemed so nice, i was the first person to meet her and we
became good friends. When she got to school she became one
of the popular students...soon she started moving in my
spot. It really made me mad. Then, one day i told them a
big secret about me and then right after that they told me
that they didn't want to be my friends because i lied about
them and everything. For two months they didn't talk to
me...I know Tarn did, because when we went on our ski trip
i wa having problems and she offered to help but Casey told
her to stay away from me. All that time i would cry myself
to sleep and have to talk to the counselor. Then at the
basketball tourny everyone was there besides Casey and they
told me they wanted to be my friend again i was so happy
yet so mad that they did that to me. Luckily she was here
for one year. After that it seems like we never get into
fights. If we do, it doesn't last over a week because all
of us are so close. Even though we have only been amanda
for a year, we are all close. Well, bye bye

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