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2002-01-27 19:00:32 (UTC)

This Weekend

Well...this weekend was kinda..dull. No..it was alot dull.
Joey went to Ohio Friday night to go see his friend that's
leaving her husband and offer emotional support. I hear he
did a _very_ good job of that and will come back missing a
few of his fluids *smirks* I haven't got confirmation from
him on this though, yet.
I was suppose to go with him and meet Conrad there and
stay till Tuesday so we could go to Jess and Antero's
wedding Monday. However, the whole White Wolf/Camarilla
court thing kept him from being able to take Monday/Tuesday
off. So then I stayed here so he could visit me here, and
then he didn't finish his writing contract Friday night,
and so couldn't make it. So it's been me and Kira all
weekend and I tell you, it's been boring. ANd to top it off
I've been leeping for crap and having wierd dreams cause
I'm not use to being in the house alone at night. I can't
rememberthe last time I was like that. So the highlight of
my weekend was watching Legend with Kira, which she loved,
and talking to Conrad on the phone.
I miss him very much. And he misses me too. He told melast
night that hehad fallen in love with me and that he hoped I
loved him like one of my blood. I had to explain to him
that my family never has and never will put themselves
between me and my lover, unless they think he's physically
harming me or my children. My family knows I'm a passionate
person, and to come between us, would be to incur my wrath.
But I don't think I have to worry about that from them, my
family thinks he's wonderful. And wonderful for me. Now I
just need to worry what his family'll think of me. They
live in Virginia, so I likely won't meet them until he goes
home for a holiday and takes us with him. I'm sure he's
told them about me, I just wonder if they'll like me.
Anyway...enough angst from me :)

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