Mislead and Unknown

everything you never cared to know
2002-01-27 18:57:03 (UTC)

Forgotten Myself

Verse 1:

what can i do to make it right?
i cant win though i still fight.

and i try to smile as inside i cry,
its not right for them to die.

for every time someone else goes away,
i have less of a need to be here each day.

and i try to forgive as life passes by,
but i cant help this feeling, this pain inside.

its killing me as it kills all around me,
but something is blinding, so i cannot see.

I'm missing the me that i used to know,
but the peron in the mirror,
isn't who i need to show.
This isnt me, its somebody else,
and i'm lost inside,
i've forgoten myself.

Verse 2:

What makes me so different that i couldnt know,
what's stopping me from letting the real me show?

Where do i let go of all of this frustration,
missing everyone that is missing in the nation.

I gotta let go of it, but still i hold on,
i cant accept the fact that they're gone.

No its not right, and no it's not fair,
but i still believe there's something out there.



And life's not fair,
so what can i do?
i cant seem to move on,
cant get over you.

Please forgive me my dear,
i do miss you so,
but why'd you have to leave us?
why'd you have to go?

(Chorus x2)

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