A Closed Mind is An Open Book
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2002-01-27 18:31:11 (UTC)


I've been in an extremely good mood for the past 3 days.
I'm so in love with Robbie. I never thought I could love
anyone this way. He's all I think about when I'm awake. I'm
taking a break from practicing the solo I got suckered into
playing for solo/ensemble next month and dads finally off
the net. I'll call robbie in about 30 minutes and talk to
him until he has to leave for work. No big deal though, I
have to work tonight too so it will keep my mind off him.
He's so perfect. *sigh* Anyway... I'm gonna go. Robbie when
you read this, I love you sweetie. I love you sooooo
muuccch and I wish I could spend every second with you.