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2001-04-21 02:34:26 (UTC)


today was a good day... really good.
I like this guy named CAsey, alot. and now i am so over
dave.. dave is such an asshole. It seems that everyday he
asks me for sumthun new... like on tuesday, it was kleenex,
and today it was a pen. I never hang around him n-e more,
ever since rachel went after him. And he talks to me, and im
such a snot to him, he deserves it!
Anwyays, casey is the niceset guy.. he was so nice to me
when i was like bawling over rachel and dave, and he always
tlaked to me in computer class about it all. And he always
asks me to sit beside him. I know it sounds so small, but
he's such a sweetie. But the only downfall is he likes this
gurl in grade 10 named jess. Ahh i know i'll never be able
to get him, but i can try.
Today i went shopping, it was boring, and tomorrow i have
anotehr soccer practice. I had a skewl game today, we won
6-0, it was fun.. CAsey was there, and he played his game
too, i stayed to watch him.

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