Life & Times of me
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2002-01-27 17:40:42 (UTC)

Hey Hey

Let's see it's the day before I turn 18. I'm gonna be a
fucking adult. How crazy is that. I dont know what to
expect anymore, I dont think anyone really cares to be
honest. Let's see whats new with me. Oh yeah, I went to a
concert 2 fridays ago, afterwards I went to Dena's and
guess who was there. Jimmy. He acted as if I didnt exist,
what did I do to him, I dont get it, I thought we were cool
or whatever. Regardless, I fuckign hate guys, I'm so sick
of them. Ummm, I sorta think i got a new job, I have an
interview today, if they like me, i start today, which
would be a bitch, because I won tickets to a movie premier
at the HOuse of Blues, which I really want to go to, oh
well i need the money. Hmm..I got in a huge fight with the
jack off called my dad. We were going down to Truman on
Friday, I rearranged my entire schedule, so did my sister,
and then he decides he wants to leave saturday mornign, i
was like are you fucking kidding me. it's an 8 hour drive,
I swore to him that I will never talk to him again. After
all the shit I've done for him, fuck that, he's never gonna
change being self centered. I must face that fact. Well,
I dont have anything else to talk about right now, i am
sick, but I need to get my fat ass out and go running, I
must be the best on the team this season, its this sick
infatuation I have. Bye.