Adia's Crusade
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2002-01-27 17:26:39 (UTC)

last night/ she said/ oh baby i feel so down/ and it turns me off/ when i feel left out

Dear Diary....

One of the kitties died yesterday....6-year-old George. The vet thinks one of our neighbors might have left
antifreeze out. Poor George. That's the second cat that's died in three months. Our 14-year-old died in
October of kidney disease, although I suppose he did live 4 years longer than the vet expected him to.
Anyways, I cried a lot yesterday.

I dread school. I know everyone does. I'm incredibly shy. If I'm around people I don't know, I bottle up. I
just get so scared that they're judging me all the time. It's absolutely awful. But at school, that's not the
problem, since I know everyone. When I'm at school, I overact. I become loud and I try to hide myself behind
jokes and weirdness. Nobody really gets to know me that way.

I just reread that last paragraph. It sounds incredibly ditzy, self-centered, and self-pitying. Not to mention
that it's badly organized and the sentences are terribly constructed. Oh, well.

Over and out.


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