a little piece of me
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2002-01-27 17:16:25 (UTC)


ok, so i figured out a way to help my mom with my whole
problem (heh, that seems kinda backwards doesn't it??).
friday night, i was pretty down, so i called my mom, mostly
because no one else was around. anyway, i told her to come
over. she asked why, so i said just because. she asked if
i NEEDED her to come over so i said yes. boy did that make
her happy lol. i think she's getting empty nest syndrome.
matthew will be leaving for college soon, and i'll be
moving to georgia. i guess she doesn't feel needed
anymore. so, she eagerly agreed to come over. she got
here about noon yesterday. she's been in a pretty good
mood since i asked her to come over. so, i guess i'll have
to do that every so often. that way she still feels needed
and loved. now don't get me wrong, i do love her, it's
just that i didn't really need her to come over. what she
doesn't know won't hurt her ;). i'm just glad i could make
her feel better.

anyway, she's at church right now. i guess my dad was
giving her hell for not going, so she went to church here.
she kept asking me to go. i know she didn't want to go
alone, but i have major issues with organized religion (gee
i wonder why!!). so, i ran out and got her a little thank
you present. it was this bamboo windchime that she was eye-
balling at wally world yesterday. that should surprise
her. i know she tries to help. i guess i expected too
much from her, too. i expected her to have the answers to
all of my problems. to snap her fingers and fix
everything. that's not fair of me. anyway, she'll be back
any time now, so i gotta get lunch going.


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