The Story of Me
2002-01-27 17:11:55 (UTC)

Been a while

Well it's been a while since I have been here, but damn I
have been busy! The holidays sucked, then my brother's
wedding. I haven't even had time to take down my Christmas
tree yet. Ugh.

Work sucks. I am looking for a new job. I am tired of
being the one everyone is talking about. I hate working in
pllaces that consist of primarily women because the gossip
mill is in full force. It's not that my life is that
exciting anyway. But I guess as long as the old biddies
have somene to talk about, they are happy. I got moved to a
new floor last night. One of the women I worked with was a
royal bitch to me. I do have to thank Robyn for putting her
in her place though. Whenever you work with a new resident,
it takes time to get to know their routines and habits.
Betty bitched at me for putting someone on a bedpan istead
of making her walk to the bathroom. How was I supposed to
know that resident was capable of getting up? I just gave
her the bedpan and Betty squaked about it. Thank God for
Robyn, "Lay off her Betty, she hasn't worked down here
before. She'll get used to their habits in time." Betty
didn't talk to me the rest of the night. Oh well. It's
just a fucking job.

So in the last month I have called Monica 5 times. Once she
called me back. I am beginning to wonder if she is getting
too caught up in her drugs and partying to give a damn about
an old friend anymore. I wish I could say it doesn't bother
me, but it does. I miss my friend.

Frank and I are still trying to get pregnant. I have an
appointment on Feb 4th with a fertility specialist. I'm
crossing my fingers that it works this time. I know Frank
wants children as much as I do. I talked to his dad on line
a few days ago. He said that when the time comes he and
mamma will bring us a baby carriage from Norway. They are
beautiful. You can't find strollers like that here int he
US. I was really excited because the first time I saw one,
I wanted one. I didn't say anything to anyone but Frank
about wanting a stroller from Norway, and he insists he
didn't tell his dad about it. They just thought of it on
their own. I am really touched about that gesture. Things
started out very rocky for me and his parents. It makes me
happy to see that we have come such a long way in the 4
years Frank and I have been married.

Well, back to the life of a housewife. Laundry to do and
dishes to wash. Later taters.