Insensitive Kitten

Insensitive Kitten
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2001-04-21 02:23:42 (UTC)

...can't get no satisfaction...

"I can see, it's all clear to me. What we had is all
history. Don't go knockin on my door, gotta stay away for

I wanna be like other people. I wanna write something
meaningful and enlightened. I want people to read what I
type and freeze, even if only for a second, and
say 'Well...that was different...." But no matter how hard
I try everything I write turns into a rant....
Maybe it's because I'm always so god damned angry.
But anger can be just as interesting as enlightenment,
can't it?
And can't anger be just as enlightened as thoughtfullness
Or am I just making excuses again?
I do that quite often.

My last online diary, I believe I got up to 80 something
entries before I forced myself to change, was full of
rants....every other page at the least.
Don't get me wrong...I'm quite proud of that and I even
managed to rake in some fans of it. "I love your rants!"
that always made me smile. But I'm going to try something a
little different with this diary (I seriously doubt this
will last longer then a month at the most)...I'm gonna go
for the enlightened view of my life.
Put a little more respect into something and you see sides
of it that you thought were never there.
Or maybe not.
Well, we'll see....