The Eye Into My Soul
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2002-01-27 15:59:40 (UTC)

thoughts on stuff...

Well, my tongue does hurt just a little bit. It will be ok
but at the moment it is swollen... i have teeth marks on
the sides of my tongue... that's how swollen it is :( I'm
still happy that I have it though! :) I also currently talk
with a bit of a lisp because my tongue is swolle... it's
very amusing.

I watched a new episode of Trading Spaces last night and it
was fabulous! I really liked the basement they did... they
also did a kitchen and it looked nice but kitchens are odd
and just not as exciting as regular rooms.

I have tons of homework to do today... I have to write a
paper for tomorrow, do some worksheets, and do some
reading... so I better get started.