Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
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2002-01-27 15:42:48 (UTC)

Kentucky Blows

Wow....My first day in kentucky. At my mom's work now.
Tomorrow I start school at Holmes High, always new
experiences. I miss everyone so much already. Jordan,
Missa, Frank, Dan, Jake, D, Megan, Jennie, Freak, wow
everyone. Hopefully Ill come back to GI soon to visit. My
last night was fun, Im glad I got to spend it with my
favorite people, I wish I couldve stayed longer, or even
better not of left. Im wondering now if im going to have to
go to court, or even two different cases, my house-the
money and watch,JCPenneys and retail fraud. Being arrested
is not fun. My lip hurts, maybe next time ill have pro's
put holes in my body, maybe not. Im lookin for jobs now,
need cashflow, need to get a car, so I can drive back to Mi
visit, hit it to Mexico, never to return. Well thats all
for now....maybe ill beat my head off the monitor, go into
a coma, come out when im 18.

Mood-Depressed, life sucks
Song of the moment-"How can i help you to say goodbye?"

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