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2002-01-27 11:29:37 (UTC)

Can't I stuck up?

Well it's 6:30am...I got home from work 3 hours ago and I
still can not sleep. It's driving me crazy. Well I got
payed..yesterday. So I guess i am gunna buy my cell before I go to work. I guess i am not going to
sleep. played dminoes o aol forawhile (kinda dorky) just
to pass time. today at work some1 told me that i come off
as stuck up and snobby...that not cool. every1 says that..i
personally don't give a fuck..she said I just have hat
look..hmm whats the look of a stuck up snobby chic? oh
well. Oh I stat at Wellington high school Monday! I am s
exctd thats where all my friends are! Anyway..if any1 knows
what a stuck up snobby chic looks like please send me

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