It's my life
2001-04-21 01:09:55 (UTC)

mY ItrOdUctIOn

Well, my name is Trista. I have one brother
(brian) mom-mona, dad-brian. oh yeah, my uncle everette
lives with us too.
I just broke up with my ex, Jake, we were only together a
couple of weeks, we had nothing in common. And when i go
out with someone I love to talk, i love to talk for hours.
My friend amber broke up with her boyfriend on the same
day. Her boyfriend was my cousin Nathan. I bet now, he
will go back to being a major pot-head. Well, my best
friends are Tarn and Amber. Amanda can be one of my
bestfriends, it's just that...see she is the prettiest girl
in the school and she has to impress all the guys so she
puts on a show at school. So, i like her..usually out of
school. She also just broke up with her ex, Cory who is a
major hottie.
I am in middle school and our middle school consists of
like only 150 kids, so in my grade there isn't much of a
selection. So me and my friends have just like switched
boyfriends whenever we go out with someone. here is the
list of the hottest guys in the school. The hottest guy is
Rocky, but he is really prude and he is just better to
flirt with then to go out with. Then, there is like Cory,
most people like my cousin Nathan, Gus (he is my cousin,
too)(don't worry, i don't like him). Some 6th graders are
cute, like Bryce. You are probably thinking what are you
talking about? a 6th grader. This is no ordinary 6th
grader, he is like 5'9...very big big muscles. He looks
like a male model. and Casey, he is a little cute, but he
has the best personality. So does Austin. There is more,
but i can't think of them right now.
I just had my birthday, it was cool. me and my friends did
a little drinking. Not that bad. but i felt bad because
there was NOTHING left in our fridge, so i had to tell my
mom, all she did was laugh because i was crying (I THOUGHT
Lately, I have gotten to know some of the lil 7th graders,
they are actually really nice...before i thought they were
a bunch of brats (sorry guys). BUT NOW I DON'T
Well, i think this is enough. write back later, bye bye