Dave's Mental Meanderings
2002-01-27 10:06:50 (UTC)

another night...

Saturday night. 5:00 in the morning. If I may digress,
I'd like to say that I pity all the college students who
follow the standard convention which dictates that you must
stop partying at 2:00 AM and go pass out. They drink from
10:00 - 2:00, and that's it. I was smashed by 10:00, and
here it is at 5:00, I'm still smashed, and the evening's
events are just now dying down. Anyway...

Well, for this entry to make sense, I'll have to bring you
up to speed first. The music collaboration I am currently
working with (I write songs, we have a pianist/guitarist,
and a singer) is in the process of recording a song I wrote
called "Another Night." I came up with the chorus of it
early last semester, probably some time in September.
Until last week, I hadn't even started writing any more of
it. Basically, the song deals with the hopelessness and
bitter tragedy of life in general, and the general
mentality that the only way to escape such hopelessness is
pretty much to say "fuck it" and knowingly thrust yourself
further into the downward spiral. To help you get the idea
a little more clearly, here's the chorus of the song:

Another night to jump off the deep end,
Another night for us to pretend
That we're alright and we ain't been down,
Another night in this hopeless town.

Kind of trite, a little corny, but who the hell cares, it
gets the point across. The feeling I was trying to express
by writing this song has been plaguing me much more than
usual lately. One on hand, I feel that my life is somewhat
devoid of inspiration and meaningful pursuits, yet on the
other hand, I can still forget about it all and just enjoy
the self-perpetuating decadence while it's still around to

Anyway, I know I don't write many entries that aren't
poetry, so I figured now is the chance to do so - while I'm
drunk and I actually have something concrete to write
about. Speaking of concrete, it's now time to pass out in
the fine, high-quality bed provided to me by this generous