~***~AngelBaby's Journal of Reflecti
2000-11-30 03:29:13 (UTC)

Well, where do I start?..

Well, where do I start?
Hrmmm...Well There is a lot to say. I got into my first
serious fight with my friend of 5 years last night over AOL
IM. I haven't been in the best of moods lately and she was
bitching about her "guy problems" (that being the fact that
3 guys that are friends with some of our friends want to
meet her, and 2 of them want to meet her this weekend.)
Seeing how right now, the relationship factor of my life is
a lot less than satisfactory, I wasn't in the mood to hear
it and told her as much. So then so goes off on me about
how it's obvious that I don't want to hear it and about how
I NEVER want to hear it, she says "whenever I try to tell
you that I'm happy, you ALWAYS get pissy." So I was like,
okay, fine, so I'm always pissy. Heh, whatever. She
apologized today, but it still kinda makes me mad that she
said that. MOST of the time I am either genuinely happy
for her or I try to fake it. Sometimes though, even I
can't put on a facade, last night was one of those nights.
At least I was honest and told her as much though, right?

Okay, so why is my love life so unsatifactory? Well, I
don't seem to have much luck in the relationship
department, ever. And going to a women's college doesn't
really help much. I heard that a friend of my friend
became interested in me when I met him but we had exchanged
all of 10 words with him in the course of the time the
group had been hanging out, and the way he acted completely
reminded me of this one guy that completely annoyed me all
through high school. Also, the guy that I am interested in
is hung up on someone else. The problem is that he's not
sure whether or not she really has feelings for him, I
guess. I've tried to be as blunt and blatant and all as I
can and still have SOME tact. He knows I'm interested, and
he seems relatively interested, but I don't know if it
could be in the way that I'd like, or if it's just physical
interest. We talk a lot and he's really interesting, and
I'd like to think that he finds me interesting too. I'll
just keep my fingers crossed.

Of course, then there's the other aspects of my life. I
have 3 weeks left till winter break. I'm dying for it!
But between now and then I have papers to write and a psych
experiment to run. But I don't wanna work!!! I wanna play!