the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2002-01-27 08:25:30 (UTC)

tired and ready for a new day

i so wish long distance relationships worked
or that we could see each other like once a year
im so upset that when he was here i didnt get to see him
but he got sick and his phone wasnt working
i went bowling tonight it was a lot of fun
i beat my highest record i got like a 126 i think thats
real good for me my low tonight was a gonna have
to start bowling more i had forgotten how much fun i have
with it

i dont think today was a good day for me to be myself
my flirting was apparently not a good way to release my
energies b/c one got mad at me and the other was upset b/c
i wont date him isnt that weird i have a guy thats
interested but their is no way no how that i would

i mean i complain all the time about not having anyone but
i can deal without really i can

so hows life out there?
things are getting better as the days go on
i going to myrtle beach for spring break and i think i get
to go see linkin park and cake in about a week
im hoping i can find someone to go with me
i was thinking i would buy someone a ticket for their bday
present but i dont know if he could or would go wiht me
i guess ill have to ask him huh?
well im gonna go im tired beyond belief

love all

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