O_o HuH?
2002-01-27 07:43:36 (UTC)

Change of plans....

Nix the other entry...tonight went as planned. Since two
this morning, the day has just gotten better and better...

Headline: Mom gets plastered...drives home drunk...doesn't
remember a thing!!

Seems that Lacey and my mom hit it off (so to say) pretty
well.. I think we all had a great time. I know I did. She's
so good to me. Just her holding me makes me feel so
special...there's really no word to describe how it makes
me feel.
She gave me an 'engagement ring' (you can find some of the
strangest shit in vending machines)...and with a quick
proposal I slipped it on..hehe. So now we've got these
totally gay looking, matching kiddy rings (red and
pink...with glitter on them) that we just can't seem to
take off. "Will, will you marry me"...*sigh*...if only we
could really be that committed. Sure, there's a lot of time
between now and when marriage falls into my life timeline
(I'm not rushed into things that important...real life
takes time to develop), but a 'yes' means 'yes' no matter
the tone...*sigh*
Too many thoughts flood my head at this moment...far too
many to try to write in my last few waking
quick recap:

1. Mom=drunk
2. Bro=Jesus
3. Me=^_^
4. Lacey=*sigh*..hehe
5. Good things come to those who wait; and if you can't
wait, always remember that passing on the right is ONLY
illegal IF and only IF a police officer is present.
6. Love is precious; no matter the matter the
consequences, if it's true...don't let it fall between the
cracks...keep it real...keep it pure.