The jerk files
2002-01-27 07:38:01 (UTC)

Saturday yess!!!

Well, i just walked in the door not too long ago. I
had something in my hand...A cd. It was the cd of the rough
draft of the first song of the...of the...of Our
cd. It sounded a little rough but as far as all the voices
and instruments, it was done. I liked it alot. I let my
family hear it and then ate dinner...Mmm. dinner. So it was
a full day in the studio. From 9 to about 9....12 hours. I
liked it though it was alot of fun. I am tired right now
though, so i am going to hit the hay. I am going to church
tomorrow to play on the P&W team...(Three-sided)
Have a good day everyone... :::tugs ear:::

Crazy, crazy, crazy,