The Shadow of Myself
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2002-01-27 07:16:54 (UTC)


I'm really tired. Things are weird. I don't know what's
gonna happen. There are soo many things I need to learn.
I don't know anything. I mess up a lot. I'll be the first
person to tell you I'm not perfect. My decisions are just
as much chance as yours are. I want love. I need hugs. I
always feel bad for people... and worry about them. I try
to do too much myself. I dream big. I don't know what I
want.. and maybe I'll never know. I always keep secrets.
I'm horrible at fighting with someone. I forgive quickly..
maybe too quickly in certain situations. I always want to
see the good side of people and give them the benefit of
the doubt. I've been burned a lot by thinking like that..
but I keep doing it anyway. My optimisim is very
powerful. I like to look at the sky. I don't cry a lot
but when I do it's usually a really good cry. I take a lot
of things personally. I over-analyze things that don't
matter. I love being unpredictable.. but sometimes I think
people see what I'm doing before I do it. I'm probably
easier to figure that what I think I am. I can get lost in
a song. I have a lot of stories to tell. I hate how
incorret first impressions are all the time. After about 5
minutes with a person.. I figure out a lot about them.
However.. figuring out some parts of them leads me to
wanting the background story of why those are their
characteristics. I can't wait until I can play my guitar
to match my feelings. My room is messy.. most of the
time. I don't like to wake up early. I love pictures.
I'm perfectly with staying in on for the weekend with just
my girls.. and just being stupid. Inside jokes are
awesome. I'm really random. I'm too subtle for a lot of
people. I am very aware of situations. I know things
before people tell me sometimes. I also know things that
people don't tell me. I guess sometimes I just like to
hear what they aren't saying to verify it. I have to know
that all my friends know how sincere I am. It's very
important to me that I'm trusted.

Yeah... that was just me typing...