for show and tell
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2002-01-27 06:19:01 (UTC)

what are we??

i heard someone say "i hate everything". and someone
asked "why?".. and i'm thinking, "why the fuck not?"
everyone always hates something. so easy to hate..? we
all "hate" ourselves. ask anyone. at some point, they'll
get a little saddened, or a bit depressed, and they'll
immediately think, "god, i hate myself". well, wouldn't
someone?? they're ugly, little human viruses who land
somewhere and infest the land with their stench. their
stench of life. know, the planet was fine until they came

the nasty, heaving population is sickening, and it is all
hated. hated by all. i say if you hate yourself so god
damn much, why not end it all? send yourself into a deep
oblivion of the happiness we call hell, to which we so
bend. notice how much easier it is to do wrong than do
right; to feel sorrow than happiness; to have ill-will
more than a happy disposition.

is there a god? how do we know jesus wasn't crazy? why
does it seem so odd that god is almighty and powerful
and can kill at will, but yet never shows his face? what
is he afraid of? he is god. should he come to earth, the
people will falter. they will think it an evil premonition
of death that god be judging them. i say let him come, for
he is father away than he actually thinks.