OhBaby It Is Me

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2002-01-27 05:05:43 (UTC)

No Title, Good Reason

-----------: ------?
--------------: no
-----------: ?
--------------: YES
-----------: whats up? anything wrong?
--------------: I'm getting hit on right now
-----------: by?
-----------: who?
-----------: not me??!!!
--------------: no
--------------: by someother kid
-----------: i mean, i would like do you if you wanted me
too, but im not hitting on you!
-----------: lol
-----------: LOL
--------------: Hey
-----------: what??!
--------------: don't tempt me
-----------: tempt you?
--------------: nm
-----------: you can come over anytime if that is your
--------------: I'll hold you to that
-----------: anytime
-----------: ANYTIME
--------------: alright
--------------: ALRIGHT
-----------: so when you commin ova?
--------------: tomorrow
-----------: cant tomarrow
--------------: right now
-----------: lol
-----------: :-)
--------------: What happened to anytime
-----------: if you want to you can
-----------: but i have a friend over right now
--------------: you just won't be there
-----------: when he leaves you can come over
--------------: i wish
-----------: why not?
--------------: why not what
-----------: why not after he leaves?
--------------: It's a thing called a car
-----------: you cant drive?
--------------: and it's a thing called permission
--------------: I have no
-----------: eh you dont need that
--------------: car
--------------: I totaled one remember
-----------: oh yeah
-----------: well, ok
--------------: I wish
-----------: guess you dont wanna get laid
--------------: not really
-----------: thats what i thought
--------------: I haven't had sex in like forever
-----------: good, you will be ready then
--------------: I wanna stand up in front of the world in
a pink thong and laugh at them for
accomplishing the task that they dare claim impossable.
--------------: I had a pink thong once, it was really cool
cause it had plastic sides. But one day my mother put it
in the dryer and it all melted together. Damn mothers,
damn dryers.
-----------: lol
-----------: LOL
-----------: lmao
--------------: I hate dryers
-----------: lol
-----------: damn fuckin dryers
--------------: I hate them all
-----------: lol, me too
--------------: Except whem they shrink my sleezy shorts
even sleezer
-----------: lol
-----------: oh boy
--------------: I have these short ass shorts that barly
cover my ass
-----------: wow
--------------: and I wore them out on main street and to
the lake and shit
--------------: it was great
-----------: they would look great on my floor with the
rest of your clothes
--------------: I bet so
-----------: we will have to find out
--------------: We will
-----------: will we
--------------: I know
-----------: oh yeah
--------------: we established that
-----------: ah, ok
-----------: thats good
--------------: I know
-----------: are you good with not having feelings over sex?
--------------: I'm as good as it gets
-----------: sure?
--------------: nope
-----------: hmmm
-----------: i dont wanna do anything if your gonna get
attatched to me, ------
--------------: never
--------------: I'll probally forget about it the next day
--------------: like everyother time
-----------: ouch
--------------: Well it's not attatched
-----------: i dont want you to think that im using you...
--------------: your not?
-----------: oh god, no
--------------: oh
-----------: noooooo
--------------: so it's not like every other time
-----------: i dont know, i just want you to think of it
like, you are just sharing a nice moment with a FRIEND
--------------: sounds good to me, FRIEND
-----------: are you sure?
--------------: no
-----------: damnit
-----------: make up your mind
--------------: I'm never sure of anything
-----------: o
--------------: but it's never stoped me before
-----------: *shrugs* ok
--------------: Oh, don't get discouraged
-----------: that was a good "ok"
--------------: Even better
-----------: yep
--------------: So what do you remember me as?
-----------: what did you need to talk to me about?
--------------: Fine, I won't talk to you then
-----------: uggg
-----------: i was just wondering
--------------: i just was bored and wanted to talk
--------------: is that so wrong
-----------: thats cool
-----------: i was just wondering
--------------: The kid who was hitting on me
--------------: we're getting married next month
-----------: what?
--------------: I donno
-----------: lol
--------------: i don't know a thing
--------------: I just go with it
-----------: i member you have a nice ass, and some nice
--------------: oh that's what you remember
-----------: and you are nice
-----------: :-D
--------------: well thanks for throwing the last one in
-----------: :-D
-----------: :-D
-----------: really nice?
--------------: I remember going to the wreastling thing to
see you
-----------: cute?
--------------: ty
-----------: and i kicked that kids ass
-----------: i member too
--------------: you did
-----------: yep!
-----------: that was awesome
--------------: and my family picked on me so much b/c i
kissed you
--------------: It was awesome
-----------: you kissed me?
-----------: lol, when?
-----------: sorry
--------------: that part you don't remember
-----------: i cant remember that match at all
-----------: lol, im sorryh
--------------: it's alright
--------------: it's just suprising I remember
-----------: yeah
-----------: i cant remember lots of things
--------------: Well at least I know it's not me
-----------: lol yeah
-----------: would you be pissed if i had a gf?
--------------: I know that you do
--------------: and your almost engaged
-----------: ok
--------------: I'm not dumb
-----------: i was just wondering if you sis told you
--------------: I was in the room
-----------: but she is not in this state, and im so fuckin
--------------: Oh
--------------: I ha"ve/d" 7 boyfriends
-----------: :-D dont tell me your not either....
--------------: alright
-----------: cause i know you are
--------------: Alright
-----------: alright?
--------------: You know me too well
-----------: :-)
--------------: There's not a minute when I'm not
-----------: i know that you aughta be a nice lay
--------------: well thank you
--------------: I think that's a complament
-----------: good
--------------: I'm tired
-----------: go to bed
-----------: i gotta watch this tennis match
--------------: but I wanna talk to you
-----------: its the finals of the ausy open
--------------: oh
--------------: wow
-----------: but...
--------------: but
-----------: i have been waiting
--------------: so
-----------: to watch this for like three days
--------------: If you pick tennis over me
-----------: comeon
--------------: I'm just kiddin
-----------: i have company over too, does that help my
cause?? :-
--------------: go watch your tennis, I'll go dream about
-----------: k
--------------: later
-----------: tty tomarrow night
-----------: i am going to be at my dads all day tomarrow
--------------: alright babe