Zone of Misfortune
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2002-01-27 04:43:44 (UTC)

Wonderin' why...wonderin' how

well then, an exciting saturday has commenced...leaves me

why, how...

I was supposed to go to breakfast today with
lauren/amber...fell through. Got the Epic commentary and
quiz done, one step closer to the Feb 6 release date. Then
was time to fill out stupid thing for GOVERNOR's SCHOOL
for INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY...I don't really belong there,
but apparently it's "a good opportunity" that could result
in scholarships, and for some goddamn reason, i really
like free money...

Then after that amplitude of hand-numbing sweetness, i
went to a "punk" rock show on the ol' Lehman boulevard.
Talk about swanky, the place had TWO rooms, that's
right...two. Knights and "the pit" had one...and this one
doubled their sorry "Joey Batafuco" rumps. Running from
Dharam kicked donkey cock and so did Hopeing for the
better, my neighbors for about a year. They used to
practise next to me cause their drummer lived there or

After the show i got on here, wrote down the previous and
progressed to this point, right here.

Tired, lonely, anxious,