Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-01-27 04:22:27 (UTC)


Yep, well I'm in a much better mood today. I changed to
oil on my bike. Ewww, I felt so guilty it was sooo black.
My poor baby, it only has 284 miles on it, but considering
how hard I was on it in the beginning, I should have
changed it earlier. But I did get to ride today, it was
like 45 and a bit windy, but its all good I got to ride.
Even passed my dad, heh. Its all good when it comes to
motorcycles, motocross, supercross, super bike... I should
have just left it at motorcycles...
Anyway, Speed World is so irritating sometimes. Grrrr.
Heaven forbid they show Travis and Windham's opposite
whips, or even Travis's crash (granted they did show the
replay but still). Anyway, the main motos haven't started
yet, but RC won his heat race, but Travis was awesome too.
So GO TRAVIS!!!! Heh.
Nutter Butters are sooo good! Them and Creme soda are like
drugs. Its just me I know, but really, its amazing. Also,
frozen egg rolls, yumm... Ok, now I'm hungry. Damn.
*Back tracks to Thursday* Bible study, heh. There was like
10 people there which made it very interesting. Len-ny got
me in trouble during prayer. She just had to go and make
me laugh, grrrr. Oh well.
Friday: status, pretty well. I spent Chemistry alone
because Margaret and Jodelle decided not to tell e they
were going to skip. That sucked. I actually bowled a 119!
Wow, I know that's pretty bad, but I think its the best
I've ever done. The funny thing is I'm actually sore from
bowling! I mean its BOWLING!!! But really, my arm and
butt hurt, its so sad. Oh! Jason kept starring at me in
Chemistry and Algebra, muhehehe *ego expands and then
implodes* Jason, a hott ass, snowboarder, with bleached
hair, yum. But he was probably only looking at me cause I
had something on my face or something, that would be more
Well, its only the 250 LCQ so I'm going to take my shower,
and be back. I doubt I'll write more, my life is rather
dull... If Travis wins tho, or if RC just doesn't, I'll be