A day in the life....
2002-01-27 03:32:02 (UTC)'s been a long day

Hey there anyone and everyone. It's been a quick yet long
week. (know what i mean?) I've been running around
everywhere, doing stuff, seeing people, usually having fun,
but then there were those times i just wanted to run away
from it all was one of those days. I
don't particularly like working 10 hour shifts on saturdays
at good ol' CVS. I was working with a fairly new
pharmacist, she's japanese and meticulously slow. Had some
of the ignorant, annoying, headache-causing, old people
come in today. We were actually busy for once too. *rolls
eyes* it figures. BUT i had an enjoyable week.
Was swing dancing thursday, my partner didn't show up
wednesday, watched movies friday night. had bible study
tuesday night. lunch bunch friday at noon. I loved
socializing on the trips to and from swing dancing, got to
know some people better. Can't wait to see them again soon.
Really hoping and praying i am able to go to Purdue this
friday night but it's not looking good...*sigh* curse CVS,
curse it with a passion! Hope to see a friend on Saturday,
just hang out and relax next weekend...I'm so tired...i'm
done writing for the day...bye bye