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2002-01-27 03:02:58 (UTC)

Day 5 ( indian summer day )

The boys and i just got home 5 minutes ago, it's 8:45 p.m.
right now. What a day, what a beautiful sunshinny day! You
just not going to believe this. It got to 67 today.
I took Colton riding on his police bike to mackin Park as i
rode along side him on my bike. He loves riding his bike.
The battery started going dead about 2 blocks from where we
live. Took the boys to Penquin Park for a couple of hours
this afternoon. You talk about being busy, busy, busy busy!
Everybody took advantage of this day. Another day like this
tomorrow too, then a cold front Monday.
Mike called us today, early this a.m. about 9:30. I talked
to him for awhile, the boys were still sleeping. He said
something about they might be deployed a year now rather 6
months, new orders. I hope he is not gone no year. I can
see it is hard on the boys already and he hasnt been gone a
week yet, espcially Colton. I took the boys out to eat
again at Perkins. Well first we went to Tippins. I was
hungry for a baked potatoe. I asked the lady if they have
baked potatoes, she said no. So, we left and went to
Perkins. I got country fried staek with a baked potatoe,
Michael got baked potatoe with a bacon cheeseburger and
Colton got eggs,pancakes with sausage. Colton didnt eat
much neither did i. Colton cried missing his daddy. On the
way home i took Michael over to an old friends house so he
could get his phone number. Ray was happy to see Michael. I
guess the two are to get together and do something.
I wonder what Mike is doing about now. Is he pulling guard
duty or sleeping? The boys and I miss him very much.