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2002-01-27 02:55:00 (UTC)

and then...

yea...no comment on the title. i just felt like puttin that,
its a long story. anyways....I WENT TO MICHELLES HOUSE
YESTERDAY!!!!!! that was so much fun! her dad said he missed
me:) i feel special now. haha. last nite we had practice
from 3-5. it sucked really bad cuz it was 9th, B squad and
varsity all in 1/2 of the north gym. it was not fun. varsity
was complainin about us cuz were not as good as them...it
was not very nice. im gonna go now. and then....i asked "got
any gwapes" hahaha im funny, aint i? hahahaha bye bye!
g'night all. hehe

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