my life (as told by me)
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2002-01-27 02:37:34 (UTC)

ham dinner.....

ha ok it's the 26th...only a few hours left til i'm
offically 16! :-D anyways, today my grandparents from both
sides of the family were here...and i got HAM! lol i love
ham. it's like an obsession of mine. and for dessert, my
mom made this wicked awesome lady bug cake. can we say
TASTEY!?!? and after, i got to open my presents. a day
early, but who's counting! let me just say this...i get
rich on my birthday! lmao. but anyways, from my parents, i
got this wicked awesome (yet confusing) driving harness for
my horse. all i need now is the cart so i can drive her.
and my mom made me a quillo...which is a quilt/pillow. it's
really neat. now i have two, both horse ones. oh and janet
gave me a horse calendar and a really cool mirror that i
love. OMG! i went chicken chasing today, literally. janet
wanted me to catch this rooster that was loose out back.
so, her and me and don were running around trying to catch and i had the net. damn could that bastard run.
i didnt think we were gonna catch him, but we did. but
anyways, i got stuff to do. lol. more tm......