Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-01-27 00:14:50 (UTC)

Kate Winslet Amongst Other Things.

I'll start by mentioning all the things I have done since I
last wrote for the benefit of those who might be patience-
impaired in a list form.

1. I was out last night, not drinking real ales with pipe-
smoking real men, but boogieing away with the best of them
(a spectacle that one ought to be made to see before belief
is possible), and seeing that anti-hero, and I mean anti-
hero because the guy was an ass, Pat Sharpe. Anyone
intelligent/stupid enough to be at a British University, if
you get the chance to see him, don't is the advice from my

2. Had what turned into quite a violent food fight with the
neighbours, resulting into quite a vomit-like stain above
our kitchen window, and a black cake abovre theirs (think
cake ingredients plus black food colouring flung onto a
wall). It was disgusting clearing it up, but we'll get over
it. Everything's sorted now.

3. Sat in front of the TV for an evening, that whilst it
might not be the most productive evening I've ever spent
I've had worse. And 'Being Mick' (you know, wrinkly
voicester Mick Jagger) raised a very interesting point.
Well, a few.

He was at an Elton John party. They're not as
concentratedly Alice In Wonderland as they say, but they
are there and think about this.

Mick saw the delightful Kate Winslet at said party and she
ran up to him excitedly - in what were very high-heeled
shoes for any locomotion, it has to be said - and greeted
him in that time honoured fashion; a light embrace and a
theatrical peck on the cheek. It led me to thinking. I'm at
a party, or just out in general. Could there be anything
better than Kate Winslet rushing up to me that happy to see
me? I doubt it....

What was that? The real world? No, never heard of it.

WILT? Del Shannon - Runaway. No, really.